Fill Me Up

By Jared Anderson and Don Poythress

** Please look under "Jesus Culture" Tab for their song of "Fill Me Up" **
        G    Em7    Dsus    G/C
        G2             Em7            Dsus
        Jesus, I am thirsty, I am learning
                          C2                            G2
        How to hun- ger for more of You
                               Em7                  Dsus    D
        You are the wa- ter, and You of- fer
        C2             D                    C2  C      D    C2/E
        Life that is making me new,   Spir- it,    come
                              G                      Dsus
        Fill up my lungs with air, my voice with prayer
                      C/E    D/F#  G
        And my mouth with  praise
                                C2                                Dsus
        Fill up my heart with song, for the jour- ney is long
                  C/E   D/F#  G
        And I need  Your  strength
                           Am7                                Em7
        Jesus, Your love is more than enough
                         C2       Dsus   G/C
        Come and fill me, fill me up
        G                  Em7              Dsus
        Jesus, I need mercy, I need cleansing
                            C                                G
        From the bur- den of so many sins
                               Em7             Dsus
        You are the wa- ter, and I of- fer
                            C2   D          C2                  D    C/E
        All of my life      into Your hands, Spir- it,    come

                      C2                 Dsus                  C/E                D/F#
        'Cause You are wat- er to the de- sert, You are rain to the dust
                       C2                    D       
        You are heal- ing to the bro- ken
                      C/E                    D/F#           
        You are life, won't You come

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