Passion Song

By Sean Carter/Tyler Ellison

           C                                  F               C
I was with him when he rode into town
          F                                 C                           G
And crowds gathered round him like a king
                           C                          F                             C
Their smiling faces, joined a sea of branches waving
             F                                   C                   G
Thou they were masquerading in the end

                                  F                     C            G
And my heart rose in my throat
               Am                  G
When I heard them sing
F               C                 F             C
Hosanna, in the highest
        F            G         C
Oooh   Oooooh O Oh

We went upstairs, broke the bread and drank the wine
From the only living vine that we would taste.
And I watch them take him up the mountainside
Where  he was crucified though innocent.
And they mocked him ,and cursed him with their mouths
And told him to come down if he was God"

And my heart broke in my chest
When I heard him say
Forgive them, it is finished
Oooh   Oooooh O Oh

  F                                                                C                                   G
I remember in the garden when he sweat like drops of blood
         F                                                    C                             G
And how he begged the father to let him pass the cup
          F                                                           C                                   G
I can still feel the anguish when they pierced him in the side
          F                                                                C                       G                               F
And how the ground beneath us shook upon the very moment that he died
G            F           G             C
Oooh   Ooh       Oh  Oh   Oh
Three days later we found an empty grave
and the stone was rolled away where he had been

Tears of joy streamed down my face
When the angel said
Oh fear not, he is risen
Oh fear not, he is risen
  F           G           Am      G/B        F       G      C
Oooh   Ooh       Ooh    Oooh     Oh    Oh   Oooh


Passion Song. This song comes from thoughts I was having while driving one day I began recording the melody and words on my iPhone.  I was thinking of what it must have been like to be alongside Jesus as he endured the events of Holy Week. To see Him walk into the city on palm Sunday, to be at the last supper, to watch Him be murdered, and experience the loss, and the relief of His resurrection. This song tells the story through John’s eyes and attempts to capture the emotional essence of Johns heart, not jus an observer but Jesus’ close friend (the disciple Jesus loved) Each chorus is John’s description of the physical response that came with his emotions. His heart in his throat unable to speak., His heartbreak, and tears of relief.

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