Spirit Break Out

**New Album from Kim Walker-Smith "Still Believe" Released 1.15.13**
Performed by Kim Walker-Smith
written by  Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth, Ben Bryant, Myles Dhillon

Chords:  ( C-  D) repeat w/intensity and dynamics.


Our Father all of heaven roars Your name
Sing louder let this place erupt with grace
Can you hear it the sound of heaven touching earth
The sound of heaven touching earth

Spirit break out
Break our walls down
Spirit break out
Heaven come down

King Jesus You're the name we're lifting high
Your glory shaking up the earth and skies
Revival we want to see Your kingdom here
We want to see Your kingdom here

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Sheri T said...

Awesome cry of worship!

David said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
david said...

I agree! thanks Sheri :)

Dallas Stevens, III said...

hi, I have noticed that the actual chords go further than just C and D. the verses are more like C D G/B and the chorus is more like C D Em G/B. take it for what you will. have a great day.


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